Steemit Trends To Reach One Million User Accounts

The popular website Steemit has exceeded 1,000,000 user accounts!

The information was trending all over the Steemit website a few days ago! It’s no surprise that people are motivated to earn crypto rewards with their social media. The popular website D.Tube is a part of the STEEM cryptocurrency powered configuration. Differences between YouTube and D.Tube include and are not limited to cryptocurrency reward structure. The power of the upvote depends on the individual account. For example; The @Sutter account can reward a higher value than the @ResteemMuse account because Sutter’s power up STEEM value is higher. However, both accounts can be considered minnow accounts at this point. Most all social media begins with a very small follow count. Trending content can create additional interest by getting into the trending tabs on

How do I trend on Steemit?

I think we can address the fact that promotion is one way to help an account trend. There are upsides and downsides to different forms of promotion. Promotional efforts shouldn’t come with an expectancy to profit. However, promoting correctly may reward content generators with rewards that can return profits. In an example found later in this post two posts will offer readers the ability to realize how one of the two posts earned over 200 upvotes!

How do I promote on Steemit?

  1. Every post has a promote button. Take a look at this tutorial video on D.Tube offering users an inside look at a post being promoted in real time. You’ll find the Promoted area on Steemit where promoted posts appear. The calculation for how the SBD transfer is allocated is on the list of things to find. However, when using the promote for the @Sutter account landing on the homepage from various devices would reflect posts that had been promoted. Whereas, viewers on Steemit do view posts when using the promote button. Despite the lack of analytical data, and transfer send being sent to @null, it appears that the SBD value for the promote did populate promoted posts into various tabs for randomized viewers.
  2. Resteemers are either human or bot. An example of a human resteemer is the @ResteemMuse. The offering of resteem in exchange for SBD is provided in profile description and may change on a daily basis. The @ResteemMuse was created with
    Bot accounts or automated accounts configured with independent structures for increasing reach are like the @MinnowBooster. While not all resteemers are industry based there are a few like that will resteem to over 13,000 followers on Steemit. Simply transfer funds to the accounts, include in memo the link to a post like this one, and keep track of the resteemers you select. Resteemers will increase your reach to a larger audience. They may generate a large number of upvotes in some cases. The content you create still has to be upvoted. A resteem doesn’t mean that other accounts will engage. But, great content in-front of the active following within 13,000 followers makes things happen quickly.
  3. Upvoters are human or bot as well. The upvoters offer users the same style transfer where SBD amounts satisfied result in return upvoting. The upvoters are various and users should remember that purchasing an upvote, or resteem may not return the value or exceed the value expended in upvote rewards. However, there may be times where upvoter accounts are large in their value, offer an SBD exchange that will increase the value of the post once upvoted, and the crypto reward portion of the post can place the posts into the trending tabs.
  4. Engage your audience. Not everyone has a great deal to expend promoting their posts. Steemit users are open for engagement. The @Sutter account would engage in conversation with @kayclarity. Both singer songwriters and Steemians. When @kayclarity upvoted the post her value would result in reward earnings to come from comments made in engagement. Engagements happen more frequently while a post is trending. Steemians know that minnow accounts engagement may result in upvotes, and comments are always appreciated. Steemians also know that their comments placement into trending posts may come with a higher potential of return value. While, zero expectation comes with commenting on a trending post. The rewards that come within engagements may assist in the earning of SBD to promote with human resteemers like the @resteemmuse
This section will offer an example based on two Steemit posts and offer the idea of how to get trending by promoting your posts.

POST 1 : Less than 0.3 SBD was spent detailing the completion D.Tube 10 video uploads in 10 Days challenge. The promote button was used to promote the post and the @resteemmuse and @minnowbooster.

RESULTS : Check the results on POST 1 right now! Click here!

POST 2 : Between 5-7 SBD was used to promote the lyric video for the song Thisty on D.Tube. Resteemers and upvoters used for the promotion of the post thirsty include @crystalhuman, @brupvoter, @promobot@gangresteem, @promotedpost@ax3@sezenke@bekirsolak@anonwhale, and @minnowbooster.

RESULTS : Check the results on POST 2 right now! Click here!

Join the #DTube10VidChallenge and upload 10 videos in 10 days using the hashtag to identify that you’re participating in the challenge!

The Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album was used in the examples on D.Tube with lyric videos completing the D Tube 10 Video Challenge! Join the challenge! Find the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMusic, and int the GooglePlay store.

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