Drop4Drop Ed Sheeran Clean Water Contest For Awareness


Coolest trend on social media right now provides a cause that offers entry into the Drop4Drop contest when entries can win a VIP concert experience that includes a private lesson from Ed Sheeran.

Don’t have a guitar?

Don’t worry! If one of your entries wins the contest you’ll be getting an autographed Ed Sheeran guitar!

Don’t have a way to get to New York City?

Ed Sheeran gives a great description of the contest! In the video the flight will be arranged! Contest entries will also find temporary residency in proper quarters should anyone win! Here’s a chance to visit New York City!

Don’t know how to play guitar?

If your first guitar lesson is with Ed Sheeran you’re in great hands!

Don’t have very much money to support a cause like this one?

Contributions can be made by raising awareness to the cause. Using this link offers referral entries to the popular music producer CTSUTTER. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to donate and receive entries of your own. For those that absolutely can’t afford to donate and still want to enter. In the same way the referral link for CTSUTTER found here earns entries. The affordability only takes an investment in sharing a link of your own. Upon signing up you’ll be able to find the link offering referral link for raising awareness to the cause.

“I’ve always been a supporter of the ideals required to improve other’s lives being made possible by the efforts of many. When the people rally there is great potential to assemble plans that may contribute to solutions. In the case of water. I would like to live in a world knowing I made my best efforts when the crowd was rallied to improve the life of others. Therefore, I’ve dedicated some time to create this article extending the invite to the following of the TrendingTeam.com. Support my personal cause for raising awareness to the same problem. Raising awareness brings discovery of education. When coming to find the problem existing for children going without water. I knew that there was need to raise awareness so that future generations expansion doesn’t go thirsty when suffering from the same water problem. Drinking brackish water can be harmful and cause illnesses. Drop4Drop can help the cause immediately. The awareness raised by Ed Sheeran is massive. Ed Sheeran’s proposal here is a fantastic display of goodness in his character. My personal cause became #WaterForChildren when learning of a friend traveling to Tanzania. Her mission was to act as a nurse at a nursery. Numerous stations played my song on the radio. Upon her return she had no idea the measure of though I processed into a newfound potential in 501c startup. Her lack of luster to assist in on air telling of the story to raise funds and establish the charity wasn’t her mission. There are people like myself and Ed Sheeran that may know of some troubles. Thirst and hunger are two that should be the focus of today’s generations advancing within the populations of sovereignty that allow for philanthropy to make waves while trending in the ocean of our world.”

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