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What does it take to be a trend setter?

Trend setters are usually associated with the word cool. Imagine the first girl to wear a hoodie, hold a hydro flask, and wear a sea shelled necklace. The first VSCO Girl. We may never know who the first VSCO girl was on social media. It took years before anyone could catagorize the basic type. Opposing the basic side we have the eGirl. And, what is an eGirl? The eGirl may not be the trend setter ironically. The classification is like the VSCO girl. Both are trendy. However, the eGirl has her game up over and beyond that of the VSCO girl. Being a VSCO guy or eGuy doesn’t remove the opportunity to trend online. Anyone can set a trend! Setting trends, or following trends, may result in getting yourself trending. A perfect example in Christian Sutter exists with this song under his artist name Daddy Kid. The VSCO GIRL song is an anthem for the catagory of those that are very basic on social media!

What does it take to start a trend?

Starting a trend requires being a first at something. Were you the first to discover the Diamkel? Discovering something that works for you personally may work for others. The simplicity of a hoodie, shorts, hydroflask, and seashelled necklace is a perfect marketing trend. What are they selling? We know! It’s defined in the catagorization of interest. Summer time sea shelled necklaces are everywhere. Once you build the relationship to the understanding of VSCO style. You’ll realize why no eGirl is exactly like another. Setting the trend or placing your spin on it can happen on social media. The VSCO plan may not have existed. But, the curiousity of the Z generations slang has made for some siginificant likes of the video above. In comparison to other videos. Daddy Kid’s VSCO Girl has made it’s way to a nice start! Will this video have 5,000,000 views on YouTube in 5 years? We will only know in five years! Plan to start a trend! While, it may not be a success! It may teach you that social media can influence people!

What does it take to trend on social media?

This is a great question! People have profiles with millions of followers. But, don’t get a lot of views on their live streams. What gives? The law of large averages considering live streams is still working itself out. There are many things to contend with over the course of technologies evolution to fully understand why things trend. Influencers that do best are great at keeping a schedule. To remain relevant an influncer needs to continually produce content. Maximizing reach may require a great plan. Forms of content can be catagorized and all marketplaces are alike. What’s your reason for connecting with people on social media? Answer the question with an initiative. If you’re going to a meet up. And, you meet a few famous people. Would you remember to take a picture with a celebrity? The chance opportunity is something that can be maximized. Those that build their character into an image that’s instantly like can rise to fame. 15 minutes of fame happens for a reason. A lifetime of fame requires a lifetime of work. Trending on social media can happen by accident. Next, influencers may attemt to marry their brands together. Meeting dual fanbases with like minded interest opening a doorway into the flow of influence you’ve created is clutch. All it takes is a photo a celebrity to tag profiles with extensive reach. In some cases increasing reach has become exceedling more difficult. Making the opportunity at meet ups an emphasis in consideration to modern social media. It’s not easy to find out how to brush elbows with specific style content generators. But, if you make a little effort. You may one day be organizing the meet ups with interests that offer assistance in getting social media to Tiker Up for others.


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