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Should The World Expect A Diss Track War In 2020?

author : Christian Sutter

If you’re not into social media. You may not know about diss tracks. The music industries diss tracks are controversial to start. Diss Tracks may appear as internet bullying. What makes it ok to diss someone on social media? That’s a great question. This website doesn’t advise anyone attempt to diss anyone on social media. There is a possiblity that it can happen because Jake Paul was expecting to happen and RiceGum just joined Tiktok. RiceGum would launch the modern worlds earliest of popular diss rap with a his vLog’s. It wasn’t long before the Paul brothers would rise above Rice’s subscriber count. Logan Paul is leading all three in YouTube subscribers. Today Logan Paul reports 19.8 million subscribers on YouTube. The clout chase opportunity of diss tracks made a number of Tiktoker’s more famous. It’s likely that there will be more diss tracks and potentially a full scale war between the Paul’s and RiceGum.

Mavericks out there… If you can hear this… Get on Tiktok and use the audio wheel please.

Can controversial diss tracks continue in a world of anti-bullying?

There is the bullying factor. But, you don’t have to put out a diss track to get dissed. For example; Tiktoker Christian Sutter is dissed a multiple times in the video below. The video below hosts a hand stand heelclicker BBoy style dance move. The video’s caption invites others to join the JAKE PAUL TRIBUTE SONG by Sutter. Take a look at the video below and read the multiples of disses appearing on the Tiktok channel. In the comment section of Sutter’s Tiktok you’ll find the initiation of a diss war. Sutter is litterally getting bullied by little kids. Sutter’s jeans are more than a decade old and torn apart. An incident reported on his website (ChristianSutter.com) would result in reason to throw a majority of his clothing away. Why wouldn’t you donate your clothing? Because older clothing gets more haters comments. Sutter expects and invites haters comments. Sutter has also invited Tiktoker’s to choose a side in the war.

Imagine it’s a diss track war. Imagine RiceGum leading one side and Jake Paul leading the other. It’s almost as if it was destiny the moment RiceGum made a Tiktok. It’s almost as if you knew that someone was going to inspire a diss track war within the comment section of a latest Tiktok post. And, it’s all true.

Haters may say it’s fake. But, dissing people in the comments on social media is real as the Diss Track.

Is there room for a social media diss track war with all the fake news?

Diss tracks are real. People have real feelings. There are times people catch feelings and grow salty over comments on social media. We know that people get dissed on social media. Is it real? Would the Tiktok application be so popular had it not been for diss tracks? It’s possible that Tiktok would still be a dominent application. In 2019 Tiktok earned an oustanding position with the NFL. There is definately room. But, the questions remain; “Will diss tracks reflect negatively on diss track rappers social media?” There’s no word on Sutter’s creation of diss tracks. But, he may release the Jake Paul song on iTunes with the help of a few likes. Like up this post if you want to see Daddy Kid release the Jake Paul song on the upcoming 2020 album! Daddy Kid album may include songs like VSCO Girls and Too Hot as well. Sutter’s interest is in producing music for famous Tiktoker’s in the future. Sutter has yet to release a diss rap to digital music stores. But, he has called for Tiktokers to MEME or do Heelclickers to the Jake Paul Tribute song. Anything can happen out here in social media’s virtual array of content.

In the real world you have to have back up from the likes of guys like Scott from one of MTV’s greatest reality show fights. That way if anything goes down there’s a chance to make the wrestling match a major event.

This blog doesn’t support bullying. Don’t bully. If you absolutely have to roast someone in the comments than roast Christian Sutter on Tiktok.

Would you rather be kissed by Christian Sutter or dissed by him?

Will Sutter diss or stick to producing positive reinforcing music like the World’s Best Processor album and the Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten album? Find out the answer by following the threds originating on the TrendingTeam.com!