Fight Night KSI vs Logan Paul 2 at the Staples Center

“It’s time to put all the trash talk aside and talk about boxing. Every fight from KSI vs Logan Paul 2.”

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What am I doing talking about boxing?

When thinking about the beef that inspired KSI vs Logan Paul 2. Today, it’s a long time ago that it all started. I’m going to start with how it all begins for me personally. One night while watching a live stream someone said; “Do you know who RiceGum is?” RiceGum is a vLogger that took roast rapping to the platnium level after being called a sweat potato by Jacob Sartorius. Basically, anyone that was lit in the early days of Tiktok (Previously Musically) may have been a target for RiceGum’s roast. I can say as a music producer spitting beef on the mic happened in the earliest of entry into rap music. Jake Paul and Logan Paul arrived to diss RiceGum. Which, I also wrote a diss rap dissing RiceGum. These Kid’s Can Musically All They Want was the chorus for my song. However, It wasn’t as popular as the Logan Paul Santa Diss Track. When watching Jake Paul on a daily basis there was a beef that would start. Jake Paul let the haters get attention and it turned into professional boxing. The hater in specific was the Tank. Trash talk became a brothers beef that would be settled in the boxing ring. KSI is the Tank’s brother. Two sets of brothers fighting trash talk out in a boxing ring is genius. I recall my youth walking in the direction that the fight was going. It was usually me fighting. However, it wasn’t always me in the literal ring that formed when fighting in school. I would get into fights for one reason or another. In my defense. I never wanted to fight anyone. They always threw the first punch. But, enough about my childhood. You’ve got the birth of the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 story. A meet up would result in contracts and three months for the Paul brothers to prepare to fight.

I’m going to shout out Jake Paul right now because he’s the only fighter mentioned above that remains undefeated. And, my song “Jake Paul” is in tribute of this legendary beef. The cover is a photo of Chad Tepper brining Jake Paul into his NYC performance at the Mercury Lounge.

Billy Joe Saunders vs Marcelo Coceres

Billy Joe Saunders Olympian provided a stunning performance by unleashing power in the later round. The boxer referenced that he allows the opponent to gas themselves out before attacking. This may have been the best fight to watch. There were a number of accounts of punching below the belt by Saunders in the direction of Marcelo Coceres. But, in Billy Joe Saunders defense Marcelo Coceres shorts where resting just below his nipples. Chris Mannix had the fight scored at 95 to 95 going into the 11th round. This was the point of attack that resulted in knockdown of Marcelo Coceres. With 58 seconds left in the 11th round 3 knockdowns resulted in a win for the Scottish Billy Joe Sunders. Great fight with afterburners that set fire to the Staples Center.

Devin Haney vs Alfredo Santiago

Devin Haney was promoted as the worlds greatest boxer in class. Alfredo Santiago is from Puerto Rico and entered the ring with a 12-0 record. Devin and I both thought Logan Paul looked like he would beat KSI. The two fighters did very well against one another in the earliest rounds. Santiago was held his own in the ring. Before long it appeared that Santiago began holding Haney by the head. The youthful 20 year old displayed that his emotions can improve his hand speed. The frustration in Devin Haney released punches that did serious damage to Santiago. Santiago was knocked down by Haney in the 5th round. The backstory of Devin Haney is one that starts with a story like mine. But, instead of going to get some ice cream like me. Devin Haney went to the boxing ring. The story of the fight reflects the world class fighter Haney is promoted to be because his punches landed did more damage. The final decision would be made reflecting a judges unanimous score of 120-107 with Devin Haney winning. Santiago put on an impressive show. But, it wasn’t enough to out class the best fighter in class.

Nikita Ababiy vs Jonathan Batista 

Nikita Ababiy 21 from Brooklyn New York would maintain his undefeated record in the Super Middleweight division. This fight got started with a sense that Nikita Ababiy was going to win. The presence of Nikita was explosive as his punches. Jonathan Batista would be knocked down and lay stone cold upon the ring floor. The ref would let him back up to fight. But, before long it was over. Jonathan Batista would begin throwing punches after the bell. The refs would stop the fight and disqualify Jonathan Batista. The young fighter from Brooklyn presented the knockout skills he possesses and may continue to dominate the Super Middleweight division. 

Diego Pacheco vs. Aaron Casper A Train

Diego Pacheco is a young fighter that went to Mexico to begin professional boxing before the age of 18. Aaron Casper was noted as a knock out fighter that got knocked out. Since the knock out A Train is getting trained by the boxers he faces. Diego Pacheco put on a show and the A Train was only good for going downtown. The 6’ 4” Diego Pacheco would win within 4 rounds of boxing. Knockdowns made it evident that A Train was over powered by the younger fighter and the fight was stopped by the ref.

Josh Brueckner vs Tyler Smith

Josh Brueckner came for something more than the fight vs Tyler Smith. He put on a show for all the audience at the Staples Center. Tyler Smith arrived from the MMA to debut in his first boxing match vs Josh Brueckner and lost. The highlight of this fight may have happened long after the final bell. Josh Bruckner’s former girlfriend elevated her status to finance. Bruckner presented himself as a strong fighter. Brueckner would lay consistent attacks on Tyler Smith. At the end of the fight the judges scored it unanimously with Josh Brueckner as the winner. After the match Josh proposed and his girlfriend Katie Betzing said yes.

Reshat Mati vs Cody Peterson

This fight was up and down in 2 rounds. Reshat Mati scored a TKO victory over Cody Peterson.

Ronny Rios vs Hugo Berrio

Ronny Rios would open of the eye of Colombian Hugo Berrio. Rios dominated the fight, drew first blood, and finished the fight in four rounds. Once blood was drawn Berrio’s corner would face potential of a TKO. Rios would continue to batter Hugo Berrio’s after drawing first blood. Ronny Rios improved his winning record.

Logan Paul vs KSI

This fight was the epic fight that everyone came to witness. The trash talk leading up to the fight with Shannon Briggs in the parking lot was literally physical. There was a lot of passion riding on the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 fight. Logan Paul professed to be a professional boxer, and hinted that he may return to the ring. KSI was aggressive. KSI came out swinging with aggression in every fully of punches. Logan Paul appeared to be pacing himself to go 12 rounds. Why these two fighters would only fight 6 rounds is a great question. Had the fight continued it would have been amazing to watch. I personally predicted that Logan Paul would win the fight. Which, Logan Paul won the fight outside of a technicality. The technical score card deduction of two points would arrive after Logan Paul knocked down KSI. The refs were quiet for the most part when issuing deductions. Both fighters put on a great performance and the fight will be disputed forever. In the end the beef was squashed. KSI professed that he had enough when considering fighting Logan Paul. KSI took aim at Justin Bieber of all people. Typical KSI trash talking to someone that didn’t give him any reason to trash talk. While, Justin Bieber is a lover of the sport of boxing. It’s more likely Justin Bieber will continue as a massive influencer within the music industry rather than box. I’m sad for Logan Paul because he really wanted the win. But, the results reflect that KSI went harder and won. Jake Paul would pronounce himself as the best fighter in the family the morning after. But, the last thing the Pauler fans may want to see is a fight between the Paul brothers. This fight may have ended YouTuber boxing beef. The purse may be enough to recall the fight for a third rematch. However, it appears that KSI might decline another fight. Boxing hasn’t had this much interest in a fight since Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Boxing may be in full swing this winter with new subscribers to DAZN.

Thanks to DAZN for hosting the fight. It was epic.

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TO ALL THE FIGHTERS : “Bravery is showing up for the boxing match to go down. Congrats to all those who entered the Staples Arena. And, special thanks to all those whom made the KSI Logan Paul 2 fight possible.”

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