2019 Clout Chase Trends You Want To Know About

2019 is like any other year. Influencers stay on the clout chase. The trend of the month goes to Floyd Mayweather for announcing that he’s coming out of retirment. The undefeated boxer hasn’t announced who he will fight. We don’t know the exact date of the future boxing match. The plan is unfolding before social media’s eyes. Floyd Mayweather continues to excite fans with reason to chase trends set by the legendary boxer. It’s likely the odds will be in Floyd Mayweather’s favor. There’s likely no boxer alive with the talent to disrupt Floyd Mayweathers undefeated record in the ring.

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Coming out of retirement in 2020

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Logan Paul announced on the Impaulsive podcast that he’s returning to Tiktok. The reason? Logan wants to ensure his Instagram crush takes notice. Logan professes to be a natural short comedy sketch actor. It appears that he’s going to prove himself once more. Will Logan Paul be releasing a series of scripted monolouge/dialouges on iTunes? It’s anyones guess. Jake Paul recently made a “come back” to Tiktok. Jake Paul’s following increased massively upon the announcement. Jake Paul’s Tiktok would grow from 150,000 followers to a massive 6.7 million followers reflecting today. Logan Paul currently has three videos on his verified Tiktok and 3.5 million followers. The clout chase is on for Logan Paul. Can Logan catch Jake Paul’s growth and exceed the follower count? We’ll find out…

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Aaron Carter takes the cake this November. The singer rapper has a go fund me. The objective is clear. The recording performing artist would like to seek refuge in an undisclosed location. The press is in a frenzy over the topic. Perhaps, the use of words like illuminati are what makes the story so interesting to follow. There’s some heartbreak in knowing that the singer doesn’t have plans for Thanksgiving. Some of us shop on Thanksgiving. Therefore, no worries. In live stream today the singer appears to be working on new music for release in the near future. There may be reason to suspect that Chad Tepper, and Aaron Carter may collaborate on music in the future from November’s live streams. We can only speculate if the collab will happen. Follow both of them to watch the future live streams forecast future music.


It appears that crypto currency trends when it skyrockets or dumps. This November has created a reduction in the Bitcoin price. The price of Bitcoin reached a new six month low this Sunday November 24th 2019. The volitility in trends is as massive as the price change of crypto currency. Hold on tightly and keep following the ledgened of our times.

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