Boxing Trends With The Help Of Jake Paul vs Gib

The Jake Paul vs Gib press conference happened today.

What does this mean for boxing?

For those that followed Logan Paul vs KSI 2. You already know that the boxing turnout was phenominal for the sport. This year 2020 we can expect Jake Paul to fight Gib. “This is not about the view count.” This is about beef that started long ago. The boxing ring has been the choosen place to squash beef among YouTubers. Boxing is trending again.

What happened at the press conference?

Jake Paul’s hands appeared to be lightning quick when stealing the nose of boxer Gib. Immediately, Gib’s fight experience was challenged. Gib’s trainer made a statement that he felt Jake Paul was a better boxer than Logan Paul. The press conference ended by way of security guard partition of Jake Paul and Gib.

What’s in it for the boxers?

Jake Paul mentioned that it wasn’t about the view count. Gib may be in it for the view count. However, it was disclosed that the fight was decided by fan appreciation. Jake Paul’s confidence in the win may come with an additional bonus bag should Gib be knocked out. Jake Paul’s trainer said that the fight may only go three rounds. It’s not about money for Jake Paul. His confidence was displayed in statement mentioning that would bet his house on the fight. Jake Paul was given an ultimatum by boxer KSI; “If Jake Paul beats Gib. I will fight him myself.” The boxing story will not be over after the Jake Paul vs Gib boxing match. Jake Paul wants the win. Gib’s confidence may have been visibly reduced when trainer mentioned Jake Paul is better than Logan at the sport.

Will Jake Paul fight KSI?

If Jake Paul win’s the social media statements may result in a Jake Paul vs KSI fight. However, this may also result in an ultimatum to KSI. The suspect is that Jake Paul may win, and present the ultimatum to fight Logan Paul. With KSI thirsty for a fight should Jake Paul win vs Gib. Logan Paul vs KSI 3 may be the ultimatum fight that KSI has to win to get to Jake Paul.

How are fans responding?

Calling all Jake Paulers on Tiktok to Shadow Box every day. Daddy Kid music producer and recording artist produced the “Jake Paul” song for this exact occasion. Get on Tiktok and use the Jake Paul song. Shadow boxing daily to show your support for the sport of boxing is fun.

“Jake Paul is a beast that’s trained himself for the boxing ring. Gib is a stepping stone that will likely get knocked out within 4 rounds. My prediction comes from following the beef and watching the fight reels. Once again I’ll be happily paying to see the fight on Dzan.


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