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Gloves are on in the world of boxing this 2020

The boxing matches to watch are really begining to get great.

Would you enter a boxing match with the odds heavily stacked against you?

The fight between KSI and Logan Paul came with a speach from Shannon Briggs. Logan Paul was a butterfly in a cacoon apparently. Those that followed him for the number song may be grinding their teeth after a fight announcement. Logan Paul vs Antonio Brown. YouTuber vs Professional athlete. What is Logan Paul stepping into these days? Jake Paul has earned respect from the corner of his oposition. Gib’s trainer made statement to the effect that Jake Paul is a better boxer than his brother Logan Paul. The follow up announcement to These Days is Jake Paul vs Gib in Miami.

The KSI vs Logan Paul fight is a throwback today. In the future we can expect to see the result of YouTuber vs professionally trained athlete whom has previous experience working for the National Football League.

Will the number song by Logan Paul ever return to provide sequel multiplication table for KSI? 10 x 10 is 20 when it’s on 2 albums. Daddy Kid Throwback Team song may be the last of references considering futures of a fight between KSI and Logan Paul. In other words; “Not likely to happen unless Logan Paul makes himself relevant in ways that count. Taking on a fight against all odds comes with a serious approach to the sport. Logan Paul is not backing down.

Throwback Team song.

This is the superbowl of boxing happening in 2020. The best fighters are arriving to step into the cloutchase. It’s great for the sport of boxing. Home From The N.O by Antonio Brown video references aim at the throat. Best of luck to all the fighters.

“In my personal prediction I think Jake Paul is going to knockout Gib and pin him like a butterfly to his trophy room wall.”

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“I was unable to recover any fighting footage of Antonio Brown.”


jakepaul is going to mash up Gib. Like if you agree! Comment if you don’t! #shadowboxing #jakepaul #jakepauler4life #jakepaulvsgib #fyf

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