Christian Sutter Binance Theory

Day 12

“It’s entirely possible that volatility is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you think of the life we live, and all that’s volatile. It is only what we allow to create negative energy that’s actually negative about our perception. If in moments of stress we elevate our perception to into a future solution. There is nothing at all to worry for in our moments of darkness.”

Christian Thomas Sutter


I’m a music producer entering a world of possibility and I’m also pretty good at math. As a child to the top 98th percentile in all of NYC is pretty great. It’s not top 30 under 30. But, the overall perception of how to take action is something slowly coming into focus. You may be an old hat, reading this in tears, thinking; “Had he just held the ETH.” But, how could we know the futures of a hedge in it’s earliest state. In the earliest state a plant seeded can easily fail to sprout and what’s to be done? Well, this exchange has come with seeds. The seeds have the possibility to sprout with an image of a green candle stick. The flame isn’t blown out yet. And, the name of the game is increase the total value of ETH held since the start of investment. The condition become based around trade in the Binance market, and sophistication of creation in methodology.

It’s likely you won’t cry over a little spilled milk in the micro hedge when considering this principal. If you’re thinking that the market is now trending to a point making it a great time for investment use the links below to get started on Coinbase, next create a GDax account, and transfer into Binance.

Coinbase, GDax, Binance.

Using the links above and below this text are a part of this micro hedge where affiliate offerings can increase the value of time investment when successfully applied. All sing ups using referral links on this page are appreciated.


For those of you that may be lost with the ramblings of numbers check out the first article created around the Ethereum investment being tracked.

Cryptocurrency Trend

(*Enter at you own risk and make your own decisions.)


Theory application is simple. On Binance everything comes with a Buy price at first. In the beginning you may want to save yourself on fees with a buy into BNB reducing fees from % 0.01 to % 0.005 of the transactions.

Let’s take some examples. And, this is the part that may make you cry when you realize that Binance trades made in the story have taken some immediate losses. The application I’m about to reveal in a series of examples is one that may change the game for divot investors. I like to make some words up, it’s a part of the social cultivation, and a divot investor is one without a hedge looking for immediate rush gains. This methodology applies the ideal of a long term investor interested in daily action for small gains that provide the potential to sustain smaller investments in the event something within the personal Binance holdings portfolio should skyrocket.

The rule of 97 percent.

I have 100 tokens. I purchased for a price of ETH 0.02. I sell 97 tokens at a price that nets ETH 0.02+ which covers fees taken by BNB. My trade has provided me with additional ETH, and 3 tokens. If in the future the saying is; “Had you made an investment of 50 dollars USD into Bitcoin in July of 2012. Your tokens would be worth what today?” And, that could have been the case for anyone. This application applies the sense that can be profitable over time in a marketplace where many have their independent plan.

If you’re in Binance. Hover over the orders tab in the charcoal area of your exchange existing with gray text. Scroll and click on trade history. If you’ve hedged, you may have a lot of corporations you believe will do well over the long haul. This may help you balance the volatile market with your own spin to the equation.

TRON will be used as an example.

TRX/ETH Buy 0.0009334 filled 215 tokens. 0.02429160 ETH

Are you crying looking at this today or is it a year later and you’re thinking “Had I purchased Tron?”

This is where it gets interesting. Click on the Exchange tab in the toolbar area of Binance. I like to open a secondary window by hovering over Funds, scrolling down highlighting Deposit Withdraws, and right clicking to open in a new window.

Sell price. Here’s the math part. It’s the part in the story that tells a tale of extraordinary ability to understand the odds and outs of this unique fandango.

I’m selling 212 tokens of TRX when the sell price meets my desired price. At what price should I sell TRX? The obvious answer is above the buy price of 0.0009334. What price should I sell my 212  tokens of TRX to make a gain of approximately 130%?

It’s a long term exchange. It may offer a fast action to result in applications of gains where the marketplace can increase investment in realized value. It’s not where you started it’s how you finish. First you realize the potential, than you get your feet wet, and lastly you surmise your perception.

“What may seem like losses may appear as flowers in hands blooming with belief.”

What a great lesson on how to see life for all the positive aspects no matter the current darkness. Which, if the current downtrend was everyone taking their holiday money into the investment, we know that once it starts transferring there’s a line reaching into the silver clouds.

I’ve decided to configure every investment in this way.

BTC = 518.93 ATM

“Had I kept it all in ETH? I wouldn’t be approaching hole beyond the threshold.”

Too early to say that to myself when the silver line into the clouds can take a year to manifest it’s true glory.



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