One Million Steem Power Up For WordPress Steemit Users Benefits

WordPress users have a new way to capitalize by creating original blog posts! 

Steempress announced on steemit that a delegation of 1,000,000 steem power will upvote posts at random!

There’s only one way to cash in on this whale of a reward! The @SteemPress-io profile on Steemit reveals that only users of the SteemPress plugin will enter the potential of upvotes entering the randomizers selection process. This news isn’t offering up the upvotes on Steemit for all users on Steemit. In order to be entered into the randomizer there must be a post that’s transfered by the publishing of @SteemPress-io. This means that WordPressers on Steemit have the potential to capitalize on rewards when creating content for their blogs and websites. The corporation was co-founded by Martin Lees @howo and @fredrikaa on Steemit. Follow the latest upvotes by @Steempress-io. This offer is sure to attract new bloggers. Hence, increasing the user base of Steemit users whom want to maximize the potential of their WordPress blogs. The best thing about the use of Steempress plugin may be the ability to preserve articles that are later disavowed by bloggers. Server space worries may be reduced for some that manage their blogs on cPanel, and can’t afford increasing their service space. These revenues may result in a number of rewards that sustain affordability with this newfound revenue stream offered by the blockchain. WordPress bloggers costs in consideration to expand their servers are only in some bloggers consideration today. The website @Steemit has over 1,000,000 users and only a portion of them are qualified to enter into the upvotes issued by the randomizer. Read this post for more information on the offering released on @SteemPress-io’s @Steemit.




Successfully installing this plugin as seen in the video requires a @Steemit account. Users that want to rush into this great opportunity can create an account instantly via a third party service like or by waiting for verification of @Steemit post registration. New users accounts don’t cost a thing when created on @Steemit. Third party prices may be varied.  Once you have your account installation of the plugin is made easy after watching the tutorial video. Make sure your WordPress is up to date. Create a post on your WordPress blog. Click the Publish to Steem checkbox and ensure it’s selected. And, you’ll be able to find your Steemit reprint of article created on WordPress. If the content is original it’s got a chance to get an upvote when selected by the @Steempress-io randomizer. If you don’t get an upvote. Perhaps, your next post will. There is potential to be taken out of the randomizer if your content isn’t originally your own and for additional reasons. One of the best ways to avoid the potential of getting overlooked for the upvote is to ensure that you don’t abuse the potential with excessive entries to the randomizer. One post per blog a day may result in two potentials entering the randomizer. It’s not clear as to wether or not it may be seen as an abuse. WordPressers with multiple sites may consider the option to use a third party creation for each individual website they host to prevent any such potential abuse viewed by @Steempress-io when managing multiple blogs. The author of this blog @Sutter was awarded an upvote from the Steempress randomizer.


“I may be interested in partnering with someone that has the ability to understand server creation. As a pair there’s potential that a multiple of blogs can create an ROI. Further research may require some questions be asked to the developers on their Discord. If anyone is reading this with the ability to configure servers and would like to pair with a writer. There’s a potential I may be interested in creating additional accounts on @Steemit for websites like”

@Sutter is available to answer questions! Send 0.001 SBD and ask your question in memo on You should get a reply within 24-48 hours with the 0.001 SBD returned and reply in your memo area reporting the transaction.

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