Ethereum Weekly Gains Trend Isn’t All Talk

Telling the story of my Ethereum dealings may be a great learning experience for those entering the cryptocurrency micro investment trend.

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It was holiday, winter time, and the family was gathered by the Christmas Tree. My brother mentioned something about the crypto currency marketplace. At first I didn’t know anything about Coinbase, GDAX, Binance, and Ripple. The talk of the town was something I found to be extremely interesting. When reviewing the gains of Bitcoin between 2016 to 2018 I was astonished at the exponential multipliers in the marketplace. It appeared that this was a place where early entry may reward someone that’s actively following trending technologies. It’s rewarding to investigate and research the entities that have successfully created initial coin offerings, equity coin offerings, and allow for micro investors to have their chance to own a small piece of some fabulous corporations. On January 3rd 2018 I decided to get my feet wet with Ethereum. I would transfer 500 USD from my bank account into ETH at a exchange value of $933.65 USD with the help of Coinbase. The total fee was $7.34 USD. I created a goal for myself to differ the growth into a multiple of coins. After researching it was time to transfer funds into Binance.  In order to do that I was able to get logged into GDAX to transfer a percentage of the growth portion of my investment January 9th 2018. A deposit was made from Coinbase into GDAX of 0.12490356 ETH. Upon completion of the transaction I placed 0.12480000 into my account on the Binance exchange. My first elective was to benefit from fee reduction offered by Binance. In order to do that I would have to place at least 0.02 ETH into the Buy area of Binance’s BNB coin. With BNB coins to reduce the transaction fee it made perfect sense to make it my first buy of crypto currency on the Binance exchange. The buy BNB window allowed me to buy 2 coins at approximately 16.06 USD per coin. Current fee reduction status using BNB for fees occurring from coin transfer on the Binance exchange is 50%. Ripple was the talk of the town this holiday season. I wanted to be a micro investor into Ripple first and foremost. Ripple is reminiscent of exchanges that have seen do very well. The talk was that Ripple was coming to Coinbase. It was a fairly easy decision to make to get started with Coinbase to achieve the immediate goal. Unfortunately, the talk of Ripple coming to Coinbase didn’t happen. And, if it happens in the future that’s great. To complete the objective, and enter into what I thought has the potential for exponential growth over the next five years, transferring ETH into Binance was the method I selected. On the evening of January 9th 2018 I purchased 215 TRON coins, 155 FunFair coins, 143 Verge coins, 13 Ripple coins, 1.99579997 BNB coins (Reduced from two fee after subtraction.), my deposit of ETH into Binance is currently valued at 0.01987262. At 10:45 PM my Estimated value on Binance is 0.01146277 BTC / 163.34 USD. The Binance buys required at least 0.02 ETH for a transaction to be completed. My Coinbase currently holds 0.4027 ETH which is 540.59 USD at a price of 1342.18 USD. A percentage of the gain from my initial 500 USD investment into Coinbase has already produced gains. I would also find a credit was transferred into my BTC Wallet of 10.00 USD initially and is valued at $9.88 at the moment. This could be BTC from a referral that used my Coinbase referral link offering a $10 USD credit. The BTC may also be from transfer into ETH having been complete. Either way, it’s good news. It’s nearly 7 days since my first experience investing 500 USD into Coinbase purchasing Ethereum at 933.65. It’s nearly 11:00 PM EST January 9th 2018 and my total estimated value has adjusted slightly since the beginning of this article. My balances are as follows.

Start Date : January 3rd 2018. $500 USD into ETH via coinbase @933.65
BTC Wallet : 0.0006 BTC = $9.83 USD
ETH Wallet : 0.4027 ETH = $540 USD
ETH : 0.0010356 = $1.42
Total Estimate Value : 0.01146277 BTC / $163.34
The grand total of 714.59 USD estimated value.
That’s gains resulting in an additional value of $ 214.59 USD to date January 9th 2018 11 PM EST.



The selections of coins I made were made for various reasons. Always make your own decisions wisely.

With TRON or TRX I elected to purchase 215 coins to meet the minimum buy price. The corporation itself is comprised of well educated professionals. The price was fluctuating from $0.11 USD to $0.14 USD upon the time of purchase. Hypothetically, If this TRX coin purchase resulted in a later sale of 100 coins at 150.00 USD estimated value, a few years down the line an exponential growth cash out equals approximately 15,000 USD. It’s not my objective to make these buys to participate in active daily trades. This blog will elaborate on individual coins available for buys on Binance.

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