Kanye West Ye Album Earns Beef With CTSUTTER Over Racism And Slut Shaming

Kanye has beef with CTSUTTER!

“Kanye came out about Donald J. Trump, and I felt like racial tensions were lifting. Kanye came out with the Ye Album, and I felt all the racial tensions come right back. I think that Kanye should be shamed for slut shaming and using racist terms in his album. I think he’s a grown man, with a child, that knows better. I think that he got a direct line to Donald J. Trump because he wanted the publicity. No other reason.”

Do you think Kanye West is racist for using the nword in his music? Do you think Kanye should be shamed for slut shaming? Add your comments to the debate on the Daddy Kid Facebook page now! 

In an article on FindRadioDjs.com Daddy Kid reveals that he felt Kanye West committed career suicide by releasing the Ye Album.

Kanye West Commits Career Suicide By Allowing The Word Nigger In His New Album Ye

“Kanye doesn’t look right saying a racist term in his songs.”

Sutter continues to elaborate on Instagram.

CTSUTTER created the Daddy Kid image when attempting to get away from the political nature that his music has consumed. A song in Take The Trump Train would be broadcasted live election day. Comments included death threats toward the now President Donald J. Trump. Sutter felt that the Periscope company must have had multiple reports of the death threats and likely sustain a copy of the deleted broadcast as it is required by the USA Freedom Act under FISA. Sutter retains some footage containing comments made on Election Day 2016. Sutter has openly expressed he would like to debate Kanye West about music lyrics that contain the nword. KANYE HAS BEEF WITH CTSUTTER! IT’S OFFICIAL!

CTSUTTER was suspended on Twitter and has claimed to be thankful for the release of their contract by way of suspension. At the time of suspension Christian Sutter was a verified user on Periscope. The suspension of account came after the appearance of Edward Snowden’s broadcast @PardonSnowden. Sutter felt the broadcast violates the law considering comforting treason.  Sutter openly admits to contacting the FBI to report the offense of comforting treason committed by the Periscope corporation hosted by CEO Jack Dorsey. The link to the @PardonSnowden broadcast will not be shared to support the United State’s governments position on the criminal treason offender Edward Snowden. Sutter and Snowden have a strange date of connectivity in May 20th 2013 that creates Snowden as Sutter’s arch enemy. Today, Sutter has moved his live broadcast to the popular website DLive.

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